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Welcome to Ken-Net Sound Software

Welcome to Ken-Net Sound Software, we provide the sound and music utilities, guides and reviews. Ken-Net is the home for software guides for various applications like music rescue, noise filtering and editing. We also do reviews for new software releases and keep an eye out for other magnificent software solutions with rich features.

We are currently in the works of finishing off our online sound editing software. The features will include noise removal filters along with a standalone utility to help you get rid of that noise when you get your old tapes converted to the digital formats. The utility runs via a command line interface and is extremely lightweight to make it faster and easier to use. One of the other developed utilities alongside is a simple sound recorder from video files.

While we work with sound and software we have also collected various guides on the sound and sound quality, music rescue and recovery, utilities for all your mobile devices like iPods and music players. We also recommend various software uses that we think get the best features and usability.

We have recently been founded and are currently in progress of putting everything together. Please bear with us while everything is getting finished off.