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Sound Extractor

This little tool is a simple extractor of sound files from movies. Being easy to run and use it is one of the simplest tools to use. The output format is a simple mp3 that can be listened to on any device for example an iPod . Sound Extractor is perfect if you have many music videos but no separate sound tracks that you would like to listen to while on the move. Currently the plan is to have this tool running as a command line tool with drag and drop capabilities. Additional options are available via command line like bit depth and compression for the sound. Possibility of setting defaults using a simple text file.

Noise Silencer

This tool is capable of cleaning up most sound files of noise generated by various interruptions. Works well on sound files recoded from the radio or from the old cassette players. Easy to use being command line based. Noise Silencer works via using customisable filters on the sound to cut out the noise. It is possible to use automatic presets that remove some of the most common noise like interference from power supply units that were used when the sounds were recorded. If you are using a microphone there are many noises that can be heard using from playing back the recordings. It can be generated by small noise in the air or just interference created via the microphone itself or the cord which catches waves from mobile phones or other wifi devices.

Video Sound Editing

If you have a video that has a bad noisy sound track from like an old movie or an old recording that you have it is possible to get it cleaned up. One of the main problems with conventional editors is that you get the movie itself re-encoded too. This means a loss of quality on the video but if you separate out the sound from the video and re-encode the sound only there is no degradation in the sound quality. Old tape recordings when transferred to a CD will have plenty of noise coming over as well. This noise is generated by many different factors and can usually be removed fairly simply. The sound outputs for many microphones carry the same problem, so if you are recording using a simple camera, the noise from things like the wind or other interference can be reduced getting the purer sounds stand out more.


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